Accommodation for international students at PSL

Studying in Paris for a semester or a year in a Université PSL School is a wonderful experience for an international student. The issue of accommodation is often the students' primary concern. You can be assisted in this process and better anticipate your stay if you request help from PSL's Housing Service.

Université PSL offers international exchange students (e.g. Erasmus program or dual degree) the opportunity to stay in a student dormitory for a semester or a year. The housing offered is located in one of the Crous de Paris dorms or in places from other partners, with a 45-minute ride from the Université PSL's campuses. Rents vary from €500 to €800 (premium studio), including additional charges.
If you choose to apply for housing by PSL's Housing Service, you will be charged a €180 housing assistance fee  at the beginning of the process.
The fees only apply to accommodation applications processed by the Housing Service. The Housing Service provide access to a range of services:

  • An offer to house the student
  • A certificate to facilitate the visa application process
  • Counsel on housing insurance and how to take out a rental deposit
  • Assistance in opening a bank account in France if needed
  • Information on the various housing benefits (CAF) and their application process

Please note

If you are an international exchange student at Dauphine – PSL, you do not have to take any particular steps until you receive an e-mail from PSL's Housing Service, which will ask you about your expectations for your accommodation.
For the first semester, information will be sent to you at the earliest in mid-May, and for the second semester in mid-November, depending on the admissions calendar of the various schools.