Talents from around the world, your future begins here,
at Université PSL,
in the heart of Paris.

Student services

Financial aid, housing, welcome desk, sports... Université PSL combines excellence and equal opportunities to offer everyone the opportunity to fulfill their aspirations, free from financial or material barriers.


Why join PSL?

When you join PSL, France’s leading university in the world's Top 50 rankings (QS and THE), you gain access to an outstanding scientific, artistic, literary and cultural education, provided by the leading institutions in France.

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Economics, humanities, life sciences, law or artistic creation... When you study at Université PSL, you will experience new ways of combining disciplines, and design the world of the future alongside leading researchers.

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Future engineer, artist, entrepreneur, researcher or manager ? PSL can help you build your future. From critical thinking to creativity and team spirit, our courses help you develop skills that are highly sought after in the professional world. The PSL campus has a rich cultural and community life, giving you every opportunity to develop and express your talents.

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PSL is selective and attentive to all talents and promotes equal opportunities. Our ambition? To cultivate a diverse range of talents, but also to awaken civic awareness and social and collective responsibility in our students, the next generation of researchers, decision-makers and entrepreneurs.

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Museums, exhibitions, theaters, concerts, libraries... Paris is waiting for you! PSL will help you find your feet and make the most of the opportunities the campus has to offer.

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PSL in the international rankings


Paris is your campus!

In the heart of one of the world's most beautiful capitals, Université PSL and its schools open every door to you :
community life, arts, culture, music, sports, and more.