CPES Multidisciplinary Undergraduate degree

Program type Initial Training
Degree Bachelor's
Domain(s) Arts, Humanities & social sciences, Engineering, Fundamental Sciences
Discipline(s) Plastic Arts, Chemistry, Law, Economics, Geography - Geopolitics, History, Art History, Computer Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Cognitive science, Political Science, Social Science, Life Sciences, Sociology
Teaching language(s) French
Place Paris

PSL host school

Other PSL school(s) contributing to the curriculum

Etablissements impliqués
de poursuite d'études
d'admis avec mention TB au bac
ville étudiante au monde, Paris


Rentrée 2021 / 22 : Se loger pendant ses études
Les étudiantes et étudiants qui sont boursiers du CROUS échelons 1 à 7 bénéficient d'un logement gratuit pour leurs 3 années d'étude. Les boursiers échelon 0bis et les étudiants internationaux peuvent bénéficier d'un logement dans la limite des places disponibles. Pour toute demande d’aide au logement, les étudiants doivent adresser un email à l’adresse logement.housing@psl.eu en précisant leur nom, prénom, date de naissance et qu’ils sont admis au CPES. Plus d'informations dans l'onglet Admission.

Combining the best of preparatory classes and university education

Created in 2012 by PSL and Lycée Henri-IV, the “CPES” Multidisciplinary undergraduate degree is an unprecedented undergraduate format among higher education institutions in France, combining the best of both university education and preparatory classes for France’s top graduate schools (Grandes Écoles). Hosted by some of the world’s most prestigious institutions of higher education, the ambition of CPES is to educate high-potential students who are both daring and creative, to become the decision-makers, researchers and entrepreneurs of the business, academic and cultural spheres of tomorrow.
Based on the principle of progressive specialization, this first-rate multidisciplinary undergraduate (Bac+3) education provides exposure to culture, creativity, innovation, projects-based teaching, and research-based learning.

The goal? Create the new decision-makers, researchers and entrepreneurs of the business, academic and cultural spheres of tomorrow.

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Three-year program:

  • First year: Hosted at Lycée Henri-IV, with a choice of one of three tracks (Humanities, Science, or Economics, Social Science and Law). Multidisciplinary core curriculum.
  • Second year: Progressive exposure to France’s top graduate schools (Grandes Écoles) and universities, plus selection of major (Experimental Science, Mathematics, Economics and Society, Mathematics and Society, Philosophy, History, Art History and Theory).
  • Third year: Selection of specialization (Economics, Social Science, Law, Mathematics, Experimental Science, Philosophy, History, Art History and Theory).

Who should apply?

The CPES is a highly demanding program, designed for students from France or abroad who are curious and creative, and who display critical thinking.
Depending on each student’s specific track (chosen specialization), the curriculum leads to different credentials (Physics, Chemistry, History, Art History and Theory, Philosophy etc.)

Diploma delivered

The CPES degree (for "cycle  pluridisciplinaire d’études supérieures”)  is a selective bachelor degree with “grade de licence” awarded by the french government. More information: Official decree
For the record, the selection rate for access to this diploma is among the highest in France (3500 high school candidates for a capacity of 150 students in the first year).More than 90% of our first-year students achieved high school with highest honors.

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  • Access to an exceptional academic ecosystem comprised of 13 higher education institutions covering all fields of knowledge, from the sciences to literature and the arts.
  • Supervisory guidance from the preparatory class format, with autonomy and education through university research
  • Customizable curriculum following the Anglo-Saxon model: Multidisciplinary common core, electives, major/minor
  • Varied teaching formats: Small class sizes, practicums, lectures, seminars, group work, orals, mentoring
  • Progressive specialization over three years
  • Personalized guidance and support systems 
  • 100% rate of follow-on studies (Grandes Écoles and competitively-selected Master’s programs at the best universities in France and abroad)

Applying for first-year CPES

Prerequisites: To apply, you must have already completed or be in the process of completing a general secondary education French baccalauréat diploma (obtained in France or abroad).
Admissions are based on application on the French platform for managing undergraduate applications : Parcourssup.

Applying for second-year CPES

CPES admits students directly to the second year who have already passed one year of higher education study (Grandes Écoles preparatory classes or university coursework) and who are looking for a change in academic path.
Admissions are based on an application which can be downloaded from the PSL applications portal.

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Esther, a first-year student at CPES show you around her campus. Discover the Lycée Henri-IV where the first year classes take place and many other emblematic places on campus! Enjoy your visit!

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