Learn French

PSL University offers French courses in all levels!

In order to see the options available to you, contact the service in charge for French as a Foreign Language (FLE) or the department of languages of your host institution.

Your options outside PSL:

  • There are many options to improve your French skills in Paris. In order to see all the options to learn French, go to the website https://www.qualitefle.fr which lists all the places where you can learn French certified as “Qualité FLE”.
  • There are French conversation workshops in some libraries (e.g. BNF) and museums (e.g. Musée Pompidou)! Check with them directly for more information.
  • A low-cost solution: municipal courses for adults by the City of Paris (enroll as soon as possible, because there are few available spots).

Good to know:

  • Shared French courses at PSL

You couldn’t register to a French course at your host institution (conflicting schedule, the class is full, you couldn’t find your level)? Shared French courses are available at PSL! Check with the FLE referent at your institution.

  • PSL Doctoral College’s French courses 

Did you know that the Doctoral College of PSL offers a wide range of professional courses to its Ph.D. students (employment, career, communication, management...), but also French courses (all levels) applied to your dissertation research and your doctoral life? Check at https://collegedoctoral.psl.eu