Study abroad

Carrying their passport and visa, hundreds of students from PSL improve their curricula with an internship or a stay abroad.

Experiencing international mobility during studies is one of the best ways to prepare your career in an increasingly open and connected world.

By immersing yourself in another cultural context, by observing different lifestyles, ways of studying or working, you will develop essential skills and knowledge for your career or personal life: the ability to adapt, quick understanding of global issues, ability to take up challenges... At PSL, agreements with foreign universities open up a wide range of short stays, semesters or years of university exchange programs; in some cases, you may obtaine a dual degree. Internships abroad in a research laboratory or a company are also included in many training courses.

For any question or information, the international relations services of your school are available tohelp you in the development and implementation of your international mobility project.

Remember to make your mobility part of a global career plan. Taking into account your training project and your professional ambitions will enable you to provide a consistant track from every angle: academic, professional and personal value.

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