Graduate Program in Social Sciences

The Graduate Program in Social Science offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary curriculum of advanced study and research, from the Master's to the Doctorate degree, at the intersection of the social sciences. Supported by the IRISSO and CSI laboratories and the Centre Maurice Halbwachs and operating in close synergy with EHESS, including its CESSP and CEMS laboratories, the graduate program includes three Master’s degrees in which research plays a central role. Students may also choose elective courses designed to improve their transdisciplinary skills and broaden their curriculum.

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Economic sociology


Urban planning

Political science

History & social sciences


Choose your Master’s degree and define your academic path

The graduate program offers the following Master’s degrees:

Pursue a PhD

Doctoral research is conducted in a PSL laboratory. Training is conducted in a doctoral school..

Graduate program doctoral schools

Graduate program laboratories

Partner laboratories

The graduate program in social sciences aims at offering an international research-based training in partnership with foreign universities. This program is also strongly interdisciplinary and fosters a close relationship between the research and teaching activities.
Several several services are available, from the first year of the Master's program to professional integration after the dissertation, to help and support students and doctoral students.

  • Doctoral writing residency (doctoral students only)
  • Funding for the fieldwork, especially in distant places (PhD students and Y1 and Y2 Master's students)
  • Funding for translations and editing of texts in English
  • Funding for participation in international conferences (doctoral students and Y1 and Y2 Master's students)
  • Funding of study abroad courses (PhD students and Y1 and Y2 Master's students)
    • Summer school
    • Study abroad for a semester

Enhance and customize your academic path: elective courses

Complementary university-wide courses

Graduate program students at both the Master’s and PhD level have access to university-wide trainings in core competencies, both introductory and advanced, designed to supplement their academic study.
Those complementary university-wide courses, available in all of PSL’s component schools, are eligible for ECTS credit.

Data Science Program

Career opportunities

Trained in and through research, PSL alumni find numerous employment opportunities in the public, private and entrepreneurial sectors as well as in the academic world.

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Graduate Program Directors:

  • Céline Bessière (Dauphine - PSL)
  • Jérôme Deauviau (ENS - PSL)

Administrative coordination:

  • Lucie Neuville (Dauphine - PSL)