Deeptech Institute

The Deeptech Institute is a unique lifelong education curriculum for the Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, or Chief Technical Officers of future deeptech start-ups and for the next leaders of disruptive innovation.

The Deeptech Institute offers a unique multidisciplinary and modular lifelong education program that aims to train CXOs (Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Technical Officers, etc.) of future deeptech start-ups, and leaders in disruptive innovation. Students will be trained to manage the development of complex technologies and to design innovative products, thanks to an immersion in the deeptech environment and to the exploration of technologies from PSL and Intitut Pasteur laboratories. The Deeptech Institute is part of the PSL Tech Acceleration program.

The Deeptech Institute offers…

  • Customizable courses, organized from September to June, with a schedule suitable for working professionals.
  • An academic and professional network anchored in the innovation environment.
  • A unique experience of feedbacks and discussions between participants from diverse backgrounds.


The Deeptech Institute provides an unparalleled offer in the landscape of higher education and research. The Institute is intended for professionals from the private sector, researchers, or young graduates who want to join a deep tech start-up or to manage disruptive projects within a company.

The curriculum offers 7 complementary courses, which can each be completed in one week (30 hours); besides, the course combines a balanced schedule that includes both theory and practical work. Students enrolled in the program can take part either in one course or additional courses, based on their needs, or they can choose a certification-granting course (to be recognized as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, manager or deeptech expert) that suits their profile. Each curriculum includes 3 or 4 courses as well as a week-long forum on advanced technologies (quantum computing, energy, flexibility, healthcare, etc.). Students can join the course when they wish, then pursue the following year.

People involved in the curriculum will benefit from an immersion in the PSL environment and will deal with the exploration of emerging technologies and projects.


Who should apply?

The curriculum is intended for professionals from the private sector, researchers or young graduates who want to manage a Deeptech project, including those who are entrepreneurs with a project to create an innovative company, company executives who want to undertake intrapreneurship, transfer or disruptive innovation, or deeptech project managers. The training is also available to the teams from start-ups supported by the PSL Tech Acceleration program.

Training facilities

  • Mines Paris – PSL
  • PariSanté Campus
  • Fondation Robert de Sorbon

Tuition fees

  • 1 course (any): €2,000
  • Curriculum with 3 courses + Deeptech Forum: €5,500
  • Curriculum with 4 courses + Deeptech Forum: €6,000

To benefit from a customized curriculum, please contact the Deeptech Institute team (



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