Calculate your accommodation budget

Finding a place to live in Paris can sometimes be challenging because the competition is tough and prices can be high. On this page you will find some guidelines to help you estimate your budget according to the different situations (rooms with a host family, roommates, studio in a student residence...).

Before you begin your search for housing, it is better to understand the rental situation in Paris. It is often referred to as "tight" because the supply is less than the demand. Competition is fierce and it can be difficult to find a property that meets all the requirements in terms of price, surface and location. This range of rental prices will give you an idea of how to evaluate your budget.


Price range for housing rental in the Paris region (estimated for a 18m² studio) :

Average price for 1 month
Homestay €500-700 €350-450
Room in a shared apartment €500-700 €350-450
Studio in a student dorm, such as those provided by Crous €400-550 €400-550
Studio starting at €600 €500-650

Source: réseau Paris accès Ile-de-France