NTU - National Taiwan University

PSL and the National Taiwan University (NTU Taiwan) signed in 2012 an agreement for collaboration and staff exchange.

The agreement signed in 2012 between PSL and the National Taiwan University provides for the joint implementation of conferences or workshops, research projects, graduate student exchanges and any other initiative of mutual interest.
This agreement has supported collaborative actions between the National Taiwan University and PSL members, particularly in the fields of biology, engineering and innovation.

About National Taiwan University

The National Taiwan University, founded in 1928, is a multi-disciplinary public university located in the city of Taipei. It is recognized as the most prestigious university in Taiwan, educating the elite in science, economics, finance, languages and politics. It ranks among the Top 100 universities in the world.
It has 11 colleges, 54 Departments, 108 Institutes and about 50 Research Centers. It has 32,000 students, 15,000 of whom are at the graduate level. The university cooperates closely with the Taiwan Academy of Sciences, Academia Sinica.