NYU – New York University

Founded in 1831, this university historically located in the heart of Manhattan is a first-rate partner of PSL. PSL and NYU researchers have had a longstanding relationship, with converging interests in several fields of basic science, the humanities and social science, and the arts.


NYU’s relationships with a number of PSL member institutions have been particularly successful, including Dauphine-PSL, the Institut Curie Research Center, ESPCI Paris-PSL and École normale supérieure-PSL (ENS-PSL).

On the basis of this strong foundation, NYU and PSL signed an ambitious cooperative agreement in December 2016, creating the “NYU-PSL Global Alliance” aimed at developing strong research relationships and creating new opportunities for joint research and student mobility. Collaborations are expected to include seminars, workshops and faculty and student exchanges.

The NYU-PSL Global Alliance issued its first call for proposals in the spring of 2017, which remains open.