PKU - Peking University - Beida

Founded in 1898 as the Imperial University of Peking, Peking University (PKU, also nicknamed “Beida”) was the first modern national university established in China. Today, it is a world-renowned multidisciplinary research university that ranks as the top higher education institution in China.

PSL and Peking University signed an agreement in the summer of 2016 to develop strong research relationships between the two universities and increase joint opportunities in innovation, research, and student mobility.

The agreement seeks increased collaboration in fields such as technology, engineering, robotics, innovation and entrepreneurship, big data, the life sciences, sustainable development through social science, the arts, cultural management, and the protection of the common heritage of mankind.
Exchange programs for faculty and researchers from both institutions will spur new research and education projects in these fields, along with new conferences held by the faculty involved in these programs.

The agreement further strengthens the already excellent relationships cultivated between Peking University (Beida) and PSL’s member schools, including École normale supérieure-PSL, École Pratique des Hautes Etudes-PSL, École Française d’Extrême-Orient, and MINES ParisTech-PSL.


About Peking University

Founded in 1898, Peking University, originally known as the Imperial University of Peking, was China’s first national university and was the highest administrative body for education in China at its founding. The university took on its current name in May of 1912. In 1952, in response to reforms underway in China, PKU became a key university in the humanities and social science, with priority placed on research. In April 2000, Peking University merged with Peking University of Medicine, which profoundly changed its composition and diversity. In 2005, its engineering college was rebuilt. Today, the university covers the natural sciences, engineering, and medical science, as well as social science, business administration, education, foreign languages, and many other fields. It has become a global institution of higher education in China.

Today, Peking University counts 40,000 students, 5 faculties, 64 colleges and departments, 115 fields of study, 3,600 international students, 74 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 13 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.