Elective course: Entrepreneurship Deeptech and innovation

In this day and age, training in innovation and scientific entrepreneurship is essential to prepare our students for the future and open up new professional horizons for them. It is also crucial for researchers, to enable them to develop technological applications from basic research.
PSL aims to train not only future leaders in innovation, but also future leaders in science.

The elective course in innovation and scientific entrepreneurship at PSL is a high-level course combining in-person and remote learning, and is aimed at Master’s degree students, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows wanting to learn the fundamentals of innovative design methods and the challenges of entrepreneurial project design in the field of scientific research. The course combines a theoretical approach with work in small groups in design workshops, and gives students the opportunity to work on real case studies highlighting technology transfer in inventions or high-impact entrepreneurship projects.

Learning outcomes

The goal of this elective course is for students to gain the skills they need to devise an innovation project, design a business model strategy, and establish an intellectual property strategy.

  • Devise an innovation project: by learning innovative design methods applied to a framework of scientific entrepreneurship
  • Design a business model strategy: by studying the main business models and knowing how to apply them to actual situations
  • Establish an intellectual property strategy: by using IP contracts related to business startups, in order to best protect and exploit the inventions on which the business project is based.
  • • Prepare and balance a business’s financial statements: by knowing how to develop a business plan on Excel and set out the financial possibilities.


Apart from the course on “Reasoning and acting in the face of the unknown”, which takes place on-site as part of the PSL week, all courses have been devised using the blended learning approach: this alternates independent learning sessions where students learn at their own pace with in-person sessions with the teacher.
This elective course runs for a total of 89h and is organized around 4 main classes:

  • Reasoning and acting in the face of the unknown: introduction to theories and methods of design and innovation (3 ECTS credits, 30h in-person)
  • Devising a business model for high-impact entrepreneurship (3 ECTS credits, 17h in class, 13h independent learning)
  • Intellectual property law for scientific entrepreneurs (1 ECTS credit, 10h in class, 2h independent learning)
  • Corporate finance and business plan (1 ECTS credit, 15h in class, 2h independent learning)

Course program


  • Who should apply? PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and Master’s degree students, from all disciplines at Université PSL, who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Application process: based on application package and interview
  • pplication deadline: 15-11-2021

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