UCL - University College London

The goal of the partnership agreement that PSL and UCL signed in late 2012 is to promote and strengthen scientific cooperation between researchers at both institutions. Implementation of the agreement draws on a principle of reciprocity and depends on funding provided by both parties.

To launch the partnership, in early 2014 PSL unilaterally issued a call for interest in projects involving scientific cooperation between PSL and UCL. The call for interest revealed several burgeoning or already well-established collaborative relationships. To date, PSL (ENS-PSL, Collège de France, Dauphine-PSL, Chimie ParisTech-PSL) has funded five projects.

PSL and UCL are currently discussing plans to issue another call for proposals to cover upcoming years.

PSL - UCL Projects

In June 2015, PSL and UCL held a joint workshop on sensory systems, a field in which both universities boast scientific and teaching expertise, at UCL’s Ear Institute in London. The goal of the workshop was to present the results of ongoing research.

Co-funded by PSL and UCL and co-hosted by researchers from both universities, this multidisciplinary workshop brought together some 60 researchers, including senior researchers, postdocs, and doctoral candidates.

On PSL’s side, ENS-PSL (Department of Cognitive Studies and Institut de Biologie), Institut Curie (Physical Chemistry Laboratory), and ESPCI Paris-PSL (Institut Langevin, Brain Plasticity Laboratory) were represented. The program’s agenda provided the opportunity for participants to forge important relationships. For some, these were their first PSL-UCL contacts, and for others, this was also an opportunity to build cross-institutional relationships at PSL. Plans for a joint doctoral program, also discussed at the workshop, will go far in further strengthening these initial contacts.

In 2017, PSL and UCL launched a new UCL-PSL joint research seed funding.