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Achieving international visibility and appeal are sizeable challenges for French institutions of higher education and research. In this context, PSL is actively working to maintain its status as a world-class research university.

Increased competition across the higher education, research, and innovation landscape over the past few years has further highlighted the need for France to more actively and visibly assert itself on the international scene.
Attracting talented students and researchers from around the world, creating a welcoming environment for them and equipping them with the means to achieve their full potential in service of scientific, technological, economic and societal progress are the challenges to which France must rise. PSL is making key contributions to this collective national effort, placing international appeal at the heart of its strategy.

International influence and appeal

PSL’s international influence and appeal stem from several factors.
Strengthened relationships between PSL’s institutions promote the emergence of world-class, cutting-edge research projects that attract the interest of students and researchers the world over.
Furthermore, a variety of incentives and exchange opportunities have opened the door to increased active research partnerships and exchange programs with a network of top international universities.
Finally, an additional facet of PSL’s international appeal comes from its having created an ecosystem for innovation which draws from the leading expertise of its laboratories and the university’s openness to the world.

International partnerships

International exposure is a key feature of PSL’s member institutions. They have developed over several decades a vast network of partnering universities engaged in research covering broadly globalized fields of study.
PSL’s member institutions have drawn on these networks and, for some, on their satellite locations abroad, to expand their research, host some of the most brilliant students and researchers of their generation, and send their own students and researchers abroad.
Complementing the international partnerships of its member institutions, PSL has signed framework academic and research agreements with top international universities, with the goal of expanding and strengthening strong and formative research relationships and increasing the number of new joint opportunities in research, education, and student and faculty mobility.

Strategic partnerships

ANU - Australian National University
ANU - Australian National University: Astrophysics, mathematics, physics, environment, arts and s
University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge: Partnership signed in 2014, including a joint call for projects, worksho
EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne: Sensory design, “where life intersects,” etc.
SJTU – Université Shanghai Jiao Tong
SJTU – Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Joint programs in robotics, Big Data, etc.
NYU - New York University
NYU – New York University: An ambitious cooperation agreement, the NYU-PSL Global Alliance
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology: In the fall of 2016, thirty students from the PSL-ITI
UCL - University College London
UCL - University College London: In June 2015, PSL and UCL held a joint workshop on sensory syste
PKU - Peking University - Beida
PKU - Peking University – Beida: To increase shared opportunities for research, student mobility.
UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley: MOU signed in July 2016, paving the way for...
Columbia University
Columbia University: “Norms, Beliefs and Truths” seminars, speaker series on “Classics,” “Worksho
Université Tsinghua
Tsinghua University: Partnership signed in December 2016 to encourage interaction between student
University of Chicago
University of Arizona
HKUST - Université des Sciences et Technologies de Hong Kong
Université Laval
NTU - Université Nationale de Taïwan
NTU - Université technologique de Nanyang
Stanford - France center
UCAS - Université de l'Académie des Sciences de Chine
Partenariats PSL dans le monde