🎷Spring Festival 2024

festival de printemps

The PSL Orchestra and Choir Spring Festival, marking a campus highlight, returns in 2024 with more than 25 dates. This musical celebration, open to all, brings together students, music lovers and PSL staff around a diversity of concerts, from jazz to great classics, thus highlighting the artistic and community values ​​of PSL University.

Each year, the PSL Orchestra and Choir creates an event with its Spring Festival, which has become a must on campus. Made up of amateur students, future professionals and staff members, this musical ensemble also invites major figures from the musical world. At the crossroads of artistic training and openness to the public, this festival is aimed at a wide audience, including students, music lovers linked to the Orchestra & Choir network, and PSL staff. It also embodies the cultural and artistic values ​​dear to PSL University.

After a 2021-2022 season full of 52 concerts, attracting nearly 12,000 spectators and highlighting around a hundred guest soloists, the PSL Orchestra and Choir is beginning a new season of its Spring Festival. With more than 25 dates planned in 2023 and 2024, the program offers a musical variety ranging from jazz to great classics, including musicals and open rehearsals. Come discover these exceptional concerts and celebrate the return of sunny days in music!

12 March 2024 - 4 April 2024
Campus - Festival
Université PSL
2024-03-12 15:00 2024-04-04 20:00 Europe/Paris 🎷Spring Festival 2024