Nano Cell Culture


Inventors: Yong Chen, Jian Shi, Li Wang, Yadong Tang
Laboratory: Processus d'Activation Sélectif par Transfert d'Energie Uni-électronique ou Radiatif (PASTEUR - UMR8640).
Technical domain: Life science, molecular biology, and clinical diagnostic.    
Intellectual property: PCT/EP2016/066366
Contact: PSL-Valorisation


Crosslinked monolayer nanofibers with mesh size comparable to that of mammalian cells are used for off-ground culture and differentiation of pluripotent stem cells. Unlike conventional methods, cells on such a device are subjected to limited exogenous contact but optimal permeability, allowing controlled differentiation of pluripotent stem cells and formation of cell patches of different cell types.

Possible Applications:

The cell patches can be used for both in vitro and in vitro assays. They can also be integrated into a microfluidic device to form body mimics or be circulated under physiological conditions, which should be important for next generation biomedical research, drug test, disease modeling, regenerative medicine, etc.