New calcium fluorescent probes



Inventors: Jean-Maurice Mallet, Mayeul Collot
Laboratory: Laboratoire des Biomolécules de l'École Normale Supérieure, UMR8247.
Technical domain: Life technology
Intellectual property: PCT/EP/2014/075766
Contact: PSL-Valorisation


Calcium Rubies-Nano are new calcium fluorescent probes and have been developed to meet the different needs of marking in biology, and simultaneous two-color markings. These innovative probes for imaging are able to emit in the red (> 600 nm). They have the advantage of being very high affinity (Kd = 258 nM) and include a functionalisable arm. These probes retain their physicochemical properties after linking with their target.
Using two-photon microscopy and simultaneous patch-clamp recording, results give signals comparable to commonly used green emitting [Ca2+] probes.
High-speed random access microscopy is used with Purkinje cells filled in cerebellar slices with CaRu-Nano-Dextran-6000 conjugate and Alexa Fluor-488. Reports [Ca2+] transients with kinetics are comparable to commonly used indicators.

Possible Applications:

Calcium is involved in many biological processes. The applications of the new family of probes are numerous, in particular, cellular imaging for neuroscience, virology, cardiology, oncology...