PhD track in Earth sciences & biodiversity

The PSL PhD track in Earth sciences & biodiversity is a fully-funded 5-year program structured around two phases. During the first phase, students draw on courses from PSL’s research master in Life sciences or Earth sciences and start working towards their research project. The research master is a stepping-stone towards the second phase of the PhD track, during which students work on their research project in one of PSL’s labs. During that second phase, students are mentored to gain state-of-the-arts research methods, write academic papers, present at academic conferences and prepare for the academic job market.

Timeline Eabis

Phase 1 | Research in Earth sciences & biodiversity

PhD track students will choose between two curricula to complete their research master:

Students will explore advanced topics in life sciences and gain research experience during internships. 

Phase 2 | Doctoral studies

During their doctoral years, students will benefit from the following programs:

  • Interdisciplinary courses: PSL is a strongly interdisciplinary university with special courses that cut across our disciplinary graduate programs and are open to all graduate students
  • PSL innovation and entrepreneurship program for those who are interested in tech transfer from academic labs to economic world 
  • PSL PhD training


Resources for prospective students



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