Quantitative target trace detection


Inventors: Anne Varenne, Fethi Bedioui, Sophie Griveay, Fanny d’Orlyé
Laboratory: Unité de Technologies Chimiques et Biologiques pour la Santé (UTCBS). UMR8258
Technical domain: Life sciences, Life technologies
Intellectual property: PCT/EP2015/073723
Contact: PSL-Valorisation


The invention relates to the development of a surface treatment process for the quantitative detection in a single step of all types of compounds (targets) in trace amounts in a mono-channel microfluidic analytical system.
This treatment is realized in three single steps, i) creation of a defined area in the space of the channel by electrochemical micro-localized carbonization, ii) surface functionalization on this modified surface with an alkyl (or azide) function, iii) cycloaddition reaction in the presence of any type of ligand bearing and azide (or alkyl) function.
This iterative process allows to create multiple areas of extraction / concentration in a single microchannel, paving the way for innovative multi-quantitative detection.

Possible Applications:

Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Pharmacy (eg determination of pharmaceutical compounds and their metabolites), Environment (eg monitoring the emergence of environmental pollutants present in trace amounts), Agriculture, Cosmetic, Military and civil defense, Quality control.