Fe-ROS anti cancer


Inventors: Gérard Jaouen
Laboratory: Institut de Recherche de Chimie de Paris de l’École Supérieure Nationale de Chimie de Paris. UMR8247    
Technical domain: Life technology
Intellectual property: PCT/EP2014/073308
Contact: PSL-Valorisation


A new molecular family of metallocene compounds, particularly ferrocene derivatives, has shown an anticancer activity higher than that of existing molecules, notably on certain incurable cancer cells. This technology presents the processes for preparing these species and their use as potential drugs. A representative example of this new series is shown here.
This molecule exhibits an OH function at the end of the 3 carbon alkyl chain. This structural particularity provides very low IC50 values, e.g. MDA-MB-231 (0.064 mM), Mia-PaCa (1.23 mM), HepG2 (0.07 mM).

Possible Applications:

Cancers resistant to apoptotic stimuli; for example: gliomas, melanomas (notably uveal melanomas), retinoblastomas, breast cancers (notably non-hormone-dependent breast cancers), prostate cancers, lung cancers (notably non-small-cell lung cancers), ovarian cancers, esophageal cancers, liver cancers, pancreatic cancers, head and neck cancers, colon cancers and kidney cancers.