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International relations support PSL’s teaching and research policy through targeted partnerships, representative of the wealth and the multidisciplinary nature of its courses and orientated towards research and innovation infrastructure, platforms and ecosystems providing accelerated access to knowledge.

In this way, Université PSL intends to deploy its research and teaching activities on a global scale:

For more than ten years, Université PSL has affirmed its international attractiveness and renown. Despite only being established recently, the university’s scientific and innovative strength have pushed it into the main international university rankings’ top 50. Various exchange schemes have strengthened the active scientific collaboration programs with international partners which are based on a set of common values. At the same time, the introduction of an innovation ecosystem based on its laboratories’ exceptional quality – and open to the rest of the world – actively contributes to Université PSL’s international attractiveness.

Jennifer Heurley, vice-présidente relations internationales de PSL

Our approach is based on scientific complementarity and reciprocity and access to cutting-edge facilities and research fields.

Jennifer Heurley, Vice President for International Relations

PSL throughout the world

Université PSL’s strategy is based on its component members’ existing, well-established partnerships. For each new collaboration, it chooses partners whose profile and priorities enable the establishment of a durable relationship that integrates the teaching-research-innovation continuum. These agreements are based on the complementarity of scientific activities as well as access to cutting-edge infrastructure and research fields. They now extend all over the world.

New partnerships


  • University of Montreal (UDM) : Major partner in Canada. Partnerships have existed for a long time between UDM’s Arts and Sciences faculty and three PSL component schools: ENS – PSL, EPHE – PSL and ENC – PSL. The agreement concluded in May 2023 consolidated these historical links and provided them with new resources.
  • Poly Montréal : one of Canada’s biggest engineering teaching and research institutions. It shares Université PSL’s approach, putting cutting-edge research at the heart of student teaching in order to train responsible engineers who innovate to meet environmental, social and economic needs in an open, permanent dialogue with the world of industry.


  • University of New York (NYU) : The international partner with which PSL researchers co-publish the most. This relationship is based on existing overseas study agreements with ENS – PSL, ESPCI Paris – PSL and Dauphine – PSL.
  • University of Chicago : Strategic regional partner Université PSL, the relationship is based on the historic link with the France-Chicago Center and focuses on research collaboration.  


  • University de Tokyo : major Université PSL partner with a large number of co-publications (12th place) and historical links, particularly with Collège de France, ENS – PSL, MINES Paris – PSL. These links will be strengthened following exploratory missions by researchers from ENS - PSL and Institut Curie in 2022.


  • National University of Singapore (NUS) > National University of Singapore (NUS) > NOC: Since January 2023, Université PSL has hosted the NOC Paris (NUS Overseas College) entrepreneurial development program, in which NUS students from various courses undertake “total immersion” internships in innovative startups, taking courses in entrepreneurship at PSL at the same time.
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU). ESPCI Paris – PSL and ENS – PSL have set up a joint research laboratory at NTU . 


Europe, a special relationship

Université PSL intends to contribute actively to the European debate so that our research universities have the means and the autonomy necessary to fully play their part at the heart of a Europe that must be more than ever united and at the cutting edge of innovation. Member of the EELISA European University, PSL is part of a global approach to strengthening intra- and extra-community mobility and collaboration which, beyond minimizing their environmental impact, helps give Europe a louder voice and greater presence in global higher education and research.

Le PSL Global Seed Fund : annual call for proposals for international partnership projects

To encourage the financing and initiating of partnership projects with international institutions, Université PSL’s International Relations Department is launching a call for proposals. Launched for the first time in 2023, the PSL Global Seed Fund aims to encourage and support all PSL’s faculty members’, professors’ and researchers’ international projects.

The 2024 call will open in the autumn of 2023. For information, here is the link to the 2023 call:

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