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Any PSL student, researcher or alumnus can receive support in their entrepreneurship endeavors!


PSL student entrepreneurship projects are supported by PSL-Pépite programs and campus coworking spaces, at Dauphine and MINES Paris - PSL in particular.
If you graduated less than 3 years ago or are on a gap year, you are eligible for two PSL-Pépite programs, with the possibility of earning PSL’s Student Entrepreneurship Diploma, the D2E:

  1. PSL-Starter: Are you working full-time on your project and could use day-to-day support in your creative process? PSL-Pépite can help you accelerate your project in 5 months through its program at PSL’s coworking space, the PSL-Lab. You’ll receive support in all aspects of project development, including marketing, adapting your business model to your market, and optimizing your purchasing and logistics.
  2. Are you working full-time on your project and already part of an incubator? PSL-Pépite can train you and support you in your media development and relations, with assistance in your crowdfunding projects and press campaigns, and by highlighting you at events closely aligned with your business area and targets (VIVA Tech, university and business fairs, etc.). Entrepreneurs can benefit from this program concurrently with one of the two incubator opportunities below.

    For researchers, alumni or other startup entrepreneurs associated with PSL

    Two of our institutions have created incubators. These serve as complements to the assistance provided by PSL-Valorisation, the technology transfer department of PSL and other technology transfer structures.


    The Dauphine - PSL incubator supports innovative projects launched by alumni from all PSL institutions, providing:

    • Personalized, tailored support: Mentoring, regular check-ins, one-to-one partnerships, and collaboration with Master’s students at Dauphine - PSL
    • Priority access to funding solutions: PIA (“Investing in the Future”) funding up to €30k, subject to eligibility through the Paris municipal government and BPI France; interest-free loans of up to €40k per project through the Fonds de Prêt d’Honneur de Dauphine.

    Read more about eligibility criteria here.

    PC Up

    The ESPCI - PSL incubator supports cutting-edge technological projects, by:

    • Facilitating relationships with the 9 research units at ESPCI - PSL
    • Developing Research & Development relationships between startups and industry players
    • Recruiting ESPCI students (internships), graduates and doctoral students to work for startups
    • Access to scientific equipment
    • Support for H2020, FUI, I-Lab and PIA projects

    Read more about eligibility criteria here.

    You can combine your participation in these incubators with your status as student entrepreneur as long as you graduated less than 3 years ago and/or are under the age of 28.

    PSL also provides expertise and support to entrepreneurs. Finally, PSL startups are encouraged to seek out incubators in their field, which can act as natural partners. These include: