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A spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship inspires all PSL activities: educating  the extraordinary talents of our student body, creating unique research initiatives, transferring technologies and knowledge.

PSL places high priority on developing strong relations with the socio-economic world. These take multiple forms, including research partnerships, sponsored chairs, internships, PhD fellowships (CIFRE), and continuing education. Prominent business leaders sit on PSL boards and contribute to shaping PSL policies.
PSL’s interdisciplinarity and ability to combine basic and applied research create a fertile environment for the emergence of new ideas and disruptive innovations. On average, 50 startups are created each year at PSL, alongside the filing of circa 70 patents annually.

From TTOs and incubators to fablabs and coworking spaces, PSL has created an active and diverse ecosystem for innovation;
PSL seeks to continuously develop this ecosystem, strengthening its innovative capacity and socio-economic impact.

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