Scientific integrity

In a knowledge and innovation society characterized by the accelerated production and transmission of knowledge, Université PSL and the scientists of its 140 laboratories are committed to rigorous, honest and transparent scientific practices.

The PSL Scientific Integrity Committee

The role of Scientific Integrity Officer is entrusted to renowned researchers.

Their tasks are to:

  • Ensure the proper implementation of their school’s general scientific integrity policy,
  • Ensure the roll-out of measures and procedures for the prevention and management of breaches to scientific integrity,
  • Report to their heads of school.

These officers are the primary contact for all research players with a scientific integrity-related query, and for anyone who believes they have witnessed a breach which calls for action.

Each component school within PSL has its Scientific Integrity Officer, alongside an officer on the level of PSL. The latter’s tasks are to coordinate the scientific integrity officers of the various schools, to promote the harmonization of good practices and examine issues of scientific integrity in collaboration with the officers.

Brigitte Dormont - PSL Scientific Integrity Officer

A professor at Dauphine - PSL since 2005, Brigitte Dormont teaches Econometrics and Health Economics. Her previous positions include professor at Orleans University, followed by Paris-Nanterre University, and visiting professor at Lausanne University (2002-2009). Brigitte Dormont presently oversees the Health Economics and Management Laboratory (LEGOS), a research team from the Dauphine - PSL (LEDa) Economics department. She also holds the INCa Dauphine - PSL chair.

Her research focuses on econometric analyses of micro-economic data on public health policy issues, such as the regulation of care, hospital fees, the organization of health insurance, or the taking into account of individual social choice with regard to health expenditure. Brigitte Dormont is the current Associate Editor of Health Economics and is a member of the editorial board of several French economic journals. She has been a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the HCERES scientific and technical observatory since 2016, and of the healthcare audit board since 2001.


The scientific integrity officers of each component school


Dauphine - PSL

École nationale des chartes - PSL

École normale supérieure - PSL


École pratique des hautes études - PSL


Mines Paris - PSL

Observatoire de Paris - PSL

Collège de France

  • Jean Michel Raimond : scientific integrity officer, email :

Institut Curie

The Université PSL Scientific Integrity Charter

The PSL scientific integrity charter is applicable to all members of PSL, whether permanent or not, who contribute to the research activity and thus undertake, in the framework of the research or support tasks entrusted to them, to comply with the principles of integrity specified therein.

Applying scientific integrity to ensure rigorous research practices

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