Company relations

Research contracts, sponsorship, internships, CIFRE PhD Fellowships, continuing education... Whether you are a startup, SME, or a large industrial conglomerate, a wide variety of partnerships with PSL and its members are available to you.
Supporting us can take the form of funding education and research programs, equal opportunity merit scholarships, forward-looking projects and new scientific perspectives on major challenges.


Visite du laboratoire de microfluidique

Engaging with companies to expand relationships between the research and business worlds is a principal path for PSL to promote its exceptional pool of talent, expertise, and innovative technologies and ideas.
For companies, PSL’s interdisciplinary approach provides novel perspectives on major issues facing today’s society (the economics of health and aging, technological transitions in areas such as transportation, energy, connected objects, etc.), as well as a competitive edge in today’s world.


Our corporate relations teams

At PSL, the Valorisation and Technology Transfer teams of our schools and institutions serve as our interface with the corporate world.
Additionally, a handful of teams dedicated to partnership-oriented research and collaborative relationships between public laboratories and industrial leaders, such as Armines and the 5 active Instituts/Tremplins Carnot, handle our members’ industrial partnerships.




Researchers in art and design are the “practitioners” of innovation and form key links in the chain of research and innovation.

Emmanuel Mahé, Director of Research, ENSAD.