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Are you an international student or researcher with questions about life in Paris, Université PSL operations, and the administrative formalities that await? The PSL Welcome Desk is here to guide you in your initial steps in Paris and advise you throughout your stay.

You are a

Who are we?

The department and our mission

The Welcome Desk at Université PSL welcomes and supports all international students and researchers at PSL.
In general our mission at the Welcome Desk is:

  • To help, advise and guide incoming students and researchers through the administrative procedures to make their arrival and their life in Paris and at PSL easier.
  • To help with sociocultural integration.
  • To be understanding and direct students to the competent departments when we are unable to answer their questions.

Some of the most common requests that PSL Welcome Desk has dealt with:

  •  administrative procedures that need to be completed before arriving in France and during the stay;
  • validation and renewal of residence permits;    
  • registration with the French Social Security system - Assurance Maladie;
  • looking for accommodation;
  • insurance and opening a bank account;
  • how to apply for aid from CAF (e.g. housing benefit);
  • information about French as a Foreign Language courses;
  • integration into life in Paris and at the university (student associations, Buddy program, language exchange, cultural activities, support for family members in the case of researchers);
  • linking up with other university departments

Go to the ‘Student’ and ‘Researcher’ tabs for more information.

The team

PSL Welcome Desk team consists of a researcher support officer, Michelle Gray, a student support officer, Héloïse Deroo, and a manager, Baptiste Biancardini. We are always ready to lend an ear and help you to the best of our possibilities. Write to or go below to the ‘How to contact us’ tab.”

PSL students also strengthen the team, taking the role of Welcome Desk tutors. At present, Isée Biglietti (CPES - PSL), Marilyn Chahines (Mines Paris - PSL), Mona Moussawel (Mines Paris - PSL) and Anastasiia Kachalova (ENS - PSL) are supporting the service as tutors.

How to contact us

The PSL Welcome Desk is open to University international students and researchers, but we recommend that you contact us by email first or book an online meeting to be sure that we’ll be there to welcome you.
We can help you in French, English and Spanish.


To make an appointment:

Office hours:

Monday to Thursday: 9.30am – 6.00pm
Friday: 9.30am – 5.30pm

Université PSL, 5 rue André Mazet, 75006 Paris, Door A - Métro Odéon (lignes 4 et 10)


+33 1 75 00 02 91

PSL digital Welcome Desk

In partnership with Feel Français, the PSL Welcome Desk offers students who have been accepted by PSL – but have not yet arrived in France – an online support service.

Certain conditions apply. If you are interested in this service, don’t hesitate to contact us at


Events and activities

Register to our activities

Throughout the year, and especially in September, the PSL Welcome Desk organizes many meetings run by the team and our tutors. Students and researchers at PSL and the partner schools are always welcome to sign up and join in these events.

To find out more about our events and to register, simply go to this page:

Click here for the full Welcome Days program.

The PSL Welcome Desk organizes one event per month on average. All are welcome, so come and enjoy an artistic visit to the Marais, a trip on a bateau-mouche on the Seine, a picnic and outdoor games in the park, a concert by the PSL Choir and Orchestra, and many more activities.


Some events that mark the academic year

Meeting PSL students

Picnics in Parisian parks, boat trips on the Seine, a dinner organized with the BDE of PSL, the Union PSL, a guided tour of the Marais and more!

Balade en bateau mouche Seine etudiants internationaux PSL

Christmas basket​

If you are going to be staying in Paris for the New Year celebrations, the PSL Welcome Desk encourages you to get together with other members of the University to have some fun together.

In December, the Welcome Desk invites everyone to join up with a group of PSL members to share a meal together on 24 or 25 December. The Welcome Desk provides Christmas baskets, and it’s up to you to all get together and share traditions or memories of your own country during the holiday period!


Buddy Program and Language exchange

Buddy Program​

The PSL mentoring program (Buddy Program) is available to students at PSL and PSL partner schools, it aims to promote cultural exchanges and international understanding. If your PSL school already offers a similar program, you can join both!  

The aim of the program is to connect new international PSL students with returning local PSL students. In this way new students can discover Paris and PSL easily and stress-free. Returning students can create or cultivate an essential international link. Everyone gets to improve their PSL experience.   

Learn more about becoming a Local Buddy or an International Buddy. Go to Partner@PSL and sign up!

If you are meeting your International Buddy soon and you have questions, send a message to

Etudiants internationaux de PSL
Language exchange program​

The ‘Tandem Program’ is a language exchange program open to everyone at PSL, including incoming and returning students, researchers, faculty, and staff.

The program pairs you with different PSL members, according to the preferences you have indicated, so that you can practice the languages you are interested in and get to know other people at Université PSL.

Learn more about the Tandem Program: Partner@PSL You must log in with your PSL email address!

Useful Links

News and the city of Paris


Finances and career


  • I declare my taxes if I am considered a resident of France.

    • General information about how to obtain a fiscal number and when to file a tax return.

    • If declaring for the first time, this form and supporting documents must be submitted in paper format.

Paris and metropolitan area

Health and well-being



  • ADF: Certificate of favorable decision, issued when a request has been approved after review. This document authorizes work and entry into the Schengen area no matter the point of entry.
  • ADP: Certificate of extension of review, normally issued if the individual’s visa has expired during the prefecture’s review of the file but before the final decision. This document allows travel in the Schengen area.
  • ANEF: Digital Administration for Foreigners in France
  • CAF: National Family Allowance Fund  
  • Carte de séjour: Issued by the prefecture, this card allows temporary residence in France  
  • Carte vitale: French health card
  • CEAM: European Health Insurance Card
  • CPAM: Primary Health Insurance Fund
  • Carte vitale: health insurance card
  • DCEAM: Travel document for foreign minors
  • EU/EEE : Union Européenne/Espace économique européen (European Union/European Economic Area)
  • FLE: French as a foreign language taught to non-francophones  
  • PSL: Paris Sciences et Lettres
  • Titre de séjour: In the form of either a card or VLS-TS, it allows temporary residence in France  
  • Visa: document issued by a consular service allowing entry into a country, most typically in the form of a sticker inside the passport.
  • VLS-TS: A long stay visa that exempts the holder from requesting a residence permit (carte de séjour) for their first year of residence.



 These guides are for information only and are not contractually binding on Université PSL. The information has been taken from various government websites and is based on the experiences of the PSL Welcome Desk, but it may be subject to change as the departments evolve, or for other reasons. Do not hesitate to write to us at for questions or comments

For students:  

  • Prepare your budget: EN / FR    
  • Accommodation: EN / FR        
  • Find a guarantor: EN / FR    
  • Health and healthcare in France: EN / FR   
  • Renew your student residence permit: EN / FR