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Interested in receiving an innovative, world-class education that allows you to gradually hone your expertise while enjoying close contact with your professors and fellow students? Become an undergraduate at PSL. We offer an exciting alternative to the traditional tracks of undergraduate preparatory classes and/or “standard” bachelor’s programs.

Université PSL College of Science, Humanities and Society

The shared values and ambitions of the Université PSL schools are clearly embodied in their College of Science, Humanities and Society. Université PSL is founded on the notion that the sciences and the humanities must work side by side in all academic programs, and that understanding the world requires strong knowledge of both disciplines. The College of Science, Humanities and Society offers 5 tracks of study, each of which allows students to personalize their studies and freely explore academic knowledge across disciplinary boundaries. College students also benefit from unique training opportunities:  

  • Training in the major challenges of sustainable development 
  • Access to nearly 15 foreign languages at the Université PSL Language Center 
  • A focus on student involvement 
  • Small classes and support towards success 
  • Courses and masterclasses at the Collège de France 
  • Training through research from the second year of the Bachelor’s degree, with the UROP program and internship opportunities at the University's research laboratories, cultural openness 

Dauphine - PSL bachelor's degrees

A choice of three courses in L1, with specialization in Licence 2 or Licence 3. Choose from: management, applied economics, social sciences, law, applied mathematics, organizational IT, AI & organizational sciences.
In addition to Paris, courses are also available in London, Madrid, Frankfurt and Tunis.
| L1 applications on Parcoursup or Etudes en France for applicants concerned by a DAP, who do not hold a French baccalaureate.

Acting training at CNSAD - PSL

The Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique - PSL offers a 3-year 1st cycle diploma, the diplôme national supérieur professionnel de comédien (DNSPC).
| Admissions by competitive examination. See terms and conditions

The Preparatory Class for the Teaching Profession (CPPE)

For the start of the September 2024 academic year, Université PSL and Lycée Henri-IV are launching a new multi-disciplinary bachelor's degree, the Classe Préparatoire au Professorat des Ecoles (CPPE), a high-level training program preparing students for the competitive examination to become a school teacher.
| L1 applications on Parcoursup or Etudes en France for applicants concerned by a DAP, who do not hold a French or European baccalaureate.

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