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The PSL Welcome Desk is a designated Euraxess Center at the service of international researchers at all PSL schools. Whether you are a doctoral student, postdoctoral researcher, lecturer-researcher, or visiting fellow, you can contact us for assistance with your main administrative steps before your arrival and throughout your stay in France.

The service

The PSL Welcome Desk aims to provide information to facilitate your transition to Université PSL and life in France. We offer:

  • practical checklists,
  • individualized in-person or videocall appointments,
  • email and phone assistance,
  • social events,
  • pre-arrival and back-to-school events during our ‘Welcome Days’ series.

Our office can assist individuals affiliated with Université PSL and entering France. If you are going abroad to another country, we can help put you in touch with our counterparts at your welcoming institution abroad.

A word on our history:

Created in 2015 to help orientate international students, the PSL Welcome Desk expanded its services in the fall of 2021 to include support for international researchers and their families.

Preparing your stay

We invite you to review the checklist ‘Before My Arrival in France’ in preparation for your move.

  • Contact my PSL school for their hiring (if applicable) and arrival procedures.
  • Complete this form to benefit from PSL Welcome Desk services for international researchers.
  • Refer to the practical guides on the Euraxess France platform.
  • Gather all my documents.
  • Find housing (even a temporary solution) before my arrival.
  • Confirm my insurance coverage.
  • Plan my budget.
  • Plan ahead for my possible research activities in other European countries during my time at PSL. (Note:  Additional procedures may apply.)
  • Consider joining YouR PSL, Young Researchers Society for events and peer support.

Please note: if you hold a ‘student’ visa, please consult the PSL Welcome Desk’s web pages for international students.


Administrative formalities

We hope to meet you soon! In the meantime, we invite you to review this general overview of your administrative steps upon arrival in France. Please note that some of the steps may not be applicable to you.

  • Contact my PSL school to ask about administrative procedures.
  • Validate my visa (VLS-TS) or apply for a first residence permit (‘titre de séjour’), depending on my entry document, using the online service ANEF (Foreigners in France).
  • Open a bank account.
  • Apply for a social security number.
  • Confirm my insurance coverage.
  • Gather information about medical care in France.
  • Help my family settle in.
  • Work on my French or join the Tandem Program, the PSL Welcome Desk language partner program!
  • Renew my residence permit in a timely manner.



Finding housing in Paris can be complicated on account of availability, administrative processes, and cost of living. We encourage you to start looking early and contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions.

How do I find housing?

Housing ideas for international researchers in Paris*:

*Not an exhaustive list, promotion, or guarantee of availability.

For private housing, you may be required to provide a ‘garant.’ If you do not have one, you may be eligible for one of the following solutions:

DossierFacile can help you assemble your digital file for rental requests.

Once you have found housing, you may also be eligible to receive housing aid from the Caisse d’allocations familiales (Caf).

Daily life



Career development



  • General information about how to obtain a fiscal number and declare your revenue.
  • If declaring for the first time, you must submit the form and supporting documents by paper. Find the form here.

These guides are indicative and are not contractually binding on Université PSL. The information has been taken from various governmental sites and the experiences of the PSL Welcome Desk. However, this information is subject to change according to the evolution of services or other reasons.  

Do not hesitate to contact us at welcomedesk@psl.eu for any questions or comments.

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