Campus Maps & Directions

Getting from place to place can be complicated, whether it’s from one PSL facility to the next, or exploring Paris by sailboat or on horseback. Be like Zazie on the Métro, or grab a bike!
Most PSL facilities are walkable, but it may be necessary to take public transportation to reach some.

Metros and bus

14 Metro lines, 5 RER light-rail lines, and hundreds of city bus lines make it possible to move quickly and easily around Paris and Ile-de-France. RATP offers a website and an app to help you find your way:

The Imagin'R pass for students under the age of 26 provides reduced-fare access to all of Ile-de-France.

Bikes and electric cars

With the ever-growing network of bike lanes and more and more bike stations being added at Université PSL facilities, using a Vélib’ bike to move around PSL couldn’t be easier. Download a map of bikes lanes.
Autolib’ is the premier service for self-serve, short-term, one-way rental of 100% electric cars. Read more

Distances within the PSL campus

From there... to... there, how long does it take?

On foot



PSL, 60 rue Mazarine à EnsAD, 31 rue d'Ulm 23 mn 7 mn 21 mn
PSL, 60 rue Mazarine à Dauphine - PSL, Place du Maréchal de Tassigny 1h24 22 mn 43 mn
ESPCI Paris - PSL , 10 rue Vauquelin à ENS - PSL, 45 rue d'Ulm 6 mn 2 mn inutile
ENS - PSL , 45 rue d'Ulm, à MINES Paris - PSL, 60 bd Saint-Michel 16 mn 4 mn 9 min (bus)
EHESS, 54 bd Raspail à ENC - PSL , 65 rue de Richelieu 33 mn 11 mn 19 mn
MINES Paris - PSL , 60 bd Saint-Michel, à Chimie ParisTech - PSL , 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie 7mn 3mn inutile
EnsAD, 31 rue d'Ulm à La Fémis, 6 Rue Francoeur 1h30 23 mn 48 mn
La Fémis, 6 rue Francoeur au CNSAD - PSL, 2 bis rue du Conservatoire 35 mn 12 mn 25 mn
CNSAD - PSL, 2 bis rue du Conservatoire au CNSMDP, 209 ave Jean Jaurès 1h 16 mn 30 mn
CNSMDP, 209 ave Jean Jaurès à l'EHESS, 54 bd Raspail 1h47 28 mn 36 mn
L'Observatoire de Paris - PSL, 61 ave de l'Observatoire à Dauphine - PSL 1h41 28 mn 43 mn
Dauphine - PSL, Place du Maréchal de Tassigny à l' ILB, 28 place de la Bourse 1h22 22 mn 31 mn
Institut Curie, 26 rue d'Ulm, à l'Institut Pasteur, 25-28 rue du Dr Roux 47 mn 12 mn 33 mn
Institut Pasteur, 25-28 rue du Dr Roux à l'EFEO, 22 ave du Pdt Wilson 54 mn 16 mn 22 mn
EFEO , 22 ave du Pdt Wilson, à l'EPHE - PSL, 4-14 Rue Ferrus 1h30 26 mn 27 mn
EPHE - PSL, 4-14 rue Ferrus, à l'ENC - PSL, 65 rue de Richelieu 1h11 20 mn 30 mn
ENC - PSL, 65 rue de Richelieu à PSL, 60 rue Mazarine 26 mn 7 mn 19 mn


Stay connected on campus

Several Wifi networks are available at PSL facilities. Additional networks are also available to you:

  • Eduspot: Compatible with all hardware, all you need to do is connect to the network, open a webpage, and enter your login info.
  • Eduroam: Used by universities and research centers throughout France, Europe and worldwide. Once Eduroam has been configured on your device, all you have to do is enter your login information to connect. To configure Eduroam, go to