The Translitteræ Graduate Program offers a comprehensive curriculum of advanced study and research, from the Master's to the Doctorate degree, in literature, translations, philosophy, historical sciences and cultural transfer, medieval studies, comparative law, geography, anthropology, arts and art history and history and philosophy of science and technology. Through its association with 15 PSL laboratories and research libraries, the graduate program puts students at the heart of current research. Students may also choose elective courses designed to improve their transdisciplinary skills and broaden their curriculum.

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Texts in translation

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Cross-disciplinary critical thought

Humanities, science and technology

A five-year track from Master’s to PhD

Upon entering the Master’s degree program, each student will define their scientific project with the graduate program's faculty and researchers. Students will have an academic advisor and will be heavily involved in research throughout the program.


Choose your Master’s degree and define your academic path

The graduate program offers the following Master’s degrees:


Enhance and customize your academic path: elective courses

Complementary university-wide courses

Graduate program students at both the Master’s and PhD level have access to university-wide trainings in core competencies, both introductory and advanced, designed to supplement their academic study.
Those complementary university-wide courses, available in all of PSL’s component schools, are eligible for ECTS credit.

Career opportunities

Trained in and through research, PSL alumni find numerous employment opportunities in the public, private and entrepreneurial sectors as well as in the academic world.

débouchés programme gradué translitterae

Pursue a PhD

Doctoral research is conducted in a PSL laboratory. Training is conducted in a doctoral school.

Graduate program doctoral schools

Graduate program laboratories

Labs at EPHE - PSL
Labs at Observatoire de Paris - PSL
Labs at Collège de France - PSL