PSL Postdoctoral Programs

PSL provides recent PhDs a variety of avenues for deepening their research and building their professional careers. PSL’s postdoctoral programs include research partnerships in flagship fields and international programs in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Postdoctoral research


PSL coordinates joint postdoctoral initiatives in partnership with the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (FSMP) (international relations, program announcements, report drafting, Master’s program) to help create a market help create a market for candidates and project sponsors and project sponsors. FSMP helps with the implementation of programs focused in mathematics or that include a mathematics component, providing distribution lists, communications, governance guidance, contract templates, and other services.

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In partnership with the Observatoire de Paris, PSL offers 4 postdoctoral fellowships in astrophysics, open via calls for applications open to students from all countries.
Fellows are appointed for one year with the possibility of extending to two years, depending on their results.

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The Director of the ENS-ICFP Labex opens three postdoctoral fellowships annually.
Fellows receive 3-year postdoctoral positions with competitive salaries, travel stipends, and research stipends for experimental researchers.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship postdoctoral programs

PSL Innovation Postdoc

This annual PSL-run program offers two postdoctoral fellowships to young PhDs passionate about science, innovation and the transfer of technologies and knowledge, and whose entrepreneurial spirit could contribute to the creation of startups and other innovative breakthrough projects.
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Johann Lussange ENS

In 18 months as a PSL Innovation Postdoc, I developed an operational industrial demonstrator from my research into applying machine learning to trading and finance.

Johann Lussange , Innovation and Entrepreneurship postdoctoral programs

P2I (Postdocs to Innovators)

Designed to develop the entrepreneurial skills of postdoctoral fellows in all disciplines and to create an academic and industrial network useful for their careers, the P2I project is run by Cambridge University and alongside PSL includes first-rate European institutions (Free University of Berlin, University of Glasgow, University of Innsbruck) and industrial partners (BP, Schlumberger, Astra Zeneca, Shell, Deutsche Bahn, Swarovski).
This partnership’s events in 2017-2018 included:  

  • Enterprise Fair (May 2017): Two PSL postdoctoral fellows had the opportunity to converse with startup entrepreneurs, corporate executives, IP/finance/HR experts, and angel investors. They broached topics ranging from starting new companies and locating research funding, to marketing and the management of teams. The experience helped them to immediately bring international scope to their newly-designed projects and to share ideas with fellow European postdoctoral fellows facing the same challenges.
  • IGNITE (July 2017): Two PSL postdoctoral fellows were invited to participate in IGNITE, an intensive training program for young entrepreneurs and one of the flagship initiatives of the Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS). View application for 2017
  • Postdocs to Innovators Paris Meetup (March 2018) : After Berlin and Cambridge, this Paris Meetup aims to develop the entrepreneurial skills of postdocs, in all disciplines, and to help them build an academic and professional network useful for their careers.



Thanks to the HEAPP Enterprise Fair, I came into direct contact with leaders in the pharmaceutical and oil industries, as well as young entrepreneurs.


Mohamed El Beheiry, Institut Curie

Join the PSL Postdoc Society

Inspired by the Cambridge University model, the PSL Postdoc Society provides a forum for discussion and exchange among PSL postdoctoral fellows. The Society plans events, training programs, and opportunities to meet with corporate representatives, providing its members with multiple opportunities for networking and developing expertise.
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