Orchestra & Choir

With 130 musicians and choir members, and an eclectic repertoire blending jazz, gospel and classical music, the PSL Symphony Orchestra and Choir form a key feature of campus life. You are welcome to join them, as spectator or musician!

Following the example of the world’s greatest universities, PSL has its own Symphony Orchestra and Choir, OSC-PSL. Open to all PSL students, faculty and staff, its repertoire is reflective of PSL itself: eclectic, innovative and comprised of a diverse array of musical styles, from the great classics to forgotten and contemporary composers, jazz, gospel and musicals.

The Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Johan Farjot, who is supported by a team of six full-time professional musicians, including first violin Arnaud Thorette. PSL students, faculty and staff form the rest of the orchestra. The orchestra regularly invites guest soloists of international renown, providing students the opportunity to interact closely with famous performance musicians.

The PSL Choir regularly accompanies the Symphony Orchestra. It is comprised of non-professional choir members (students, faculty, staff) working under the direction of Johan Farjot, with support from Julien Rezak, accompanying pianist and choir master.

With its concerts and international tours, the Orchestra and Choir are very active. PSL’s Festival de Printemps, for example, is a must-see.

Do you play an instrument or sing? Would you like to rehearse with other students and young professionals in a friendly atmosphere? The Orchestra & Choir are for you! We recruit year-round.


Johan Farjot

PSL offers a unique cultural life reflecting its specific cross-disciplinary and cross-institution innovations which are perpetually underway.

Johan Farjot, Director of the PSL Symphonic Orchestra and Choir (OSC)