Union PSL, the University's student organization

The PSL Union misses no opportunity to unite the university's students: parties, afterworks, culture and sports events. The association also works closely with the PSL bodies to improve student life and to bring the voice of all.

Bring life to PSL campus

The strong multidisciplinary nature of PSL's schools and the diversity of its students make up the best asset of the university's student life. To contribute to this effort and break down barriers between scientific fields, and to strengthen inter-school links, the Union organizes festive, cultural and sporting events throughout the year; they are available to all PSL students.

The events you don't want to miss:

  • les Cousinades: creation of families regrouping students from PSL schools
  • Trait d’Union: colorful student party on a barge where DJs from each school set the stage on fire
  • Semaine de la Pensée (Week of Thought): a week with various events (exhibition, conference, DIY workshop, debate, eloquence contest...) to address a social theme. The purpose is raising awareness among students and getting them to think while developing their critical faculties
  • La Castagne: sports tournament where PSL students meet and have fun!

Thanks to our events, at PSL, multidisciplinarity and cultural diversity are not only to be studied: they are experienced.

Union PSL is a federation serving students

In order to ensure its mission of communicating news about associations and bringing life on PSL campus, the PSL Union includes some fifty members who are willing to get involved in PSL-wide projects and to serve the community.

The volunteers run four services:

  • Events: planning and setting up events
  • Supply chain: running the technical part in events
  • Communication: communicating about the Union's events and releases information on student life and organizations throughout PSL
  • Human resources: bringing team spirit to the Union with special events

Joining the Union means getting involved in PSL student life, meeting students from other schools and/or disciplines and experiencing cultural diversity.

Join us!

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