PSL Housing Service: Service Accueil Logement

Finding housing in Paris can be difficult. To help you in this quest, PSL created the PSL Housing service (Service Accueil Logement). Depending on your situation, you may have access to a range of solutions and support. Before you contact the PSL Housing service, please get in touch with your host School's services.

Before you contact the PSL Housing service...

First of all, check with your host school before you arrive to find out about the available accommodation services. Some schools book accommodation for their international students. Please contact the Housing Services in your host school.

  • Students admitted to Dauphine – PSL, CPES multidisciplinary undergraduate degree, sustainability sciences, as well as French students enrolled in a PSL school should contact:
  • International students admitted to another school (than Dauphine) should contact:
  • Students admitted to ENS – PSL should ask an accommodation to the School (
  • Engineering students at Mines Paris – PSL should contact the Maison des Mines (
  • Students admitted to ESPCI – PSL should contact the Office of studies ( and ask for a spot in the ESPCI board
  • International engineering students admitted to Chimie Paris – PSL should contact the office of International Relations (
  • Students who are part of an international student exchange at EPHE - PSL should contact the Office of International Relations (

Transfer students from a student exchange who are admitted to PSL Schools (e.g. Erasmus) should investigate the International students from exchange on the page Find accommodation in a student residency.

Student who do not match any of those situations should visit the webpage about Student residencies and Help to find accommodation.