Do you see yourself as a future engineer, researcher, entrepreneur, or executive? Our goal is to discover the most promising students and to arm them with the tools for success, contributing to a new generation of talent.
60 diploma are awarded by PSL. Please visit our Admissions section.
At PSL, you gain access to an unparalleled education in science, the arts, literature, and culture. A premium education covering all areas of knowledge.

Education at PSL features the following:

  • Cross-disciplinarity to stimulate curiosity, an open mind, and innovation at the crossroads of culture, knowledge, and methodology.
  • Learning through research, creation, and entrepreneurship to develop critical thinking, creativity, and daring.
  • Success-oriented teaching, with small class sizes, high faculty-student ratios, and easy access to all of the university’s material and cultural resources.
  • Priority placed on equal opportunity in the cultivation of talent through diversity.

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largest city of students in the world, Paris
Isabelle Catto Doyenne de la Recherche PSL

The entire PSL community shares a spirit of openness, high standards, and commitment.

Coralie Chevallier, Vice President for Education

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