YouR PSL: the club for young PSL researchers

Career, afterworks, discussions, networking, sciences, entrepreneurship… Outside the laboratories, YouR PSL organizes events for people who hold or are preparing a doctoral degree. The association federates and supports the initiatives of young researchers and connects them with the sectors of business and international research.

Building the future of young researchers

Are you a doctoral student, a future doctoral student, or recently obtained your PhD? All of you are young researchers! Although isolated in their research, each and everyone can open the path of their own success thanks to their community!

YouR PSL develops this community by promoting discussions, mutual aid and initiatives between researchers from different academic and cultural backgrounds, because this is PSL's main asset. We help our members to integrate, connect, form groups, meet the business partners, set up team projects and consider entrepreneurial initiatives.

A few events you don't want to miss:

  • YouR Parrainage: you are welcome in a PSL family with a sponsorship program
  • Social: all year round, you can attend picnics, nights out, afterworks and get to know new people
  • Travels: skiing holidays, PSL retreats outside Paris to build strong relationships under fun conditions
  • Career: stories by alumni and entrepreneurs, training courses, workshop to learn entrepreneurship are opportunities to develop both your network and you career

Daring to get out of your lab, take advantage of our events, and discover new people is the best way to bring change into your life, but it's also the best way to have access to opportunities, to share with an encouraging, diverse, and welcoming community, and to feel comfortable for your future.

YouR PSL Society: your club

The club is run by a close-knit team of volunteers (master's and doctoral students, with post-doctoral fellows from the various PSL schools) and representatives of local groups of young researchers. The initiative dates back to 2015 when doctoral students from ENS - PSL and ESPCI Paris - PSL joined forces on common interests before gradually opening up to other schools until 2018. All the young researchers were integrated into the group to create the association in 2019: YouR PSL was officially born.

Since then, the association hosts clubs and initiatives run by its members.

The actions of our volunteers are based on 6 core themes:

  • Cohesion: integration, sponsorship, relations outside PSL
    Events: social, sports and travel events
  • Communication: news, communication and development of the team's soft skills
  • Discussions: seminars, scientific mediation and cultural visits
  • Career: in relation with companies and alumni for networking activities, stories and training courses
  • Entrepreneurship: in relation with the start-up environment; workshops, meetings and competitions

Joining the YouR PSL team means being at the forefront of research that is being updated, whether it be academic, industrial or entrepreneurial, but also the promise of developing new skills!

Join us!

Feel free to contact us and visit our website for further information.

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