Funding for Student Organizations

Supporting PSL students’ commitment to organizations

Nearly 200 cross-institutional student projects have be completed on the PSL campus since 2012! To promote the ideas, initiatives, and commitments of its students, PSL supports student organizations by offering funding through Calls for Student Initiatives (AIE).

How does it work?

Two sessions are held each year (September/January) where you can present your organization’s application

What projects are eligible?

Cultural, athletic, volunteer and humanitarian projects, efforts to promote scientific applications or a corporate culture are all eligible for Calls for Student Initiatives.
PSL also occasionally launches targeted calls to encourage a specific topic or initiative that the university is interested in.

Note that symposia, conferences, and seminars (connected to a course or research laboratory) and vacation or tourist plans (participating in long-distance races or rallies, student parties, orientation weekends) are not eligible for selection.

What are the criteria?

All projects must be cross-institutional (or be automatically eliminated), be supported by a PSL student organization, be independent of any course of study, and have an impact on campus life with the potential to unify the student body and increase the visibility of PSL. The budget must be cohesive and you must demonstrate that at least 30% of the budget has been provided from other sources (in some cases, a waiver may be offered for justified cases).

Projects must be launched and completed within the current academic year. Furthermore, no PSL funding will be granted outside the context of these Calls for Student Initiatives and their procedures.

2017 Calendar for PSL Calls for Student Initiatives

1st session
Publication: January 10, 2017
Results released: March 17, 2017

2nd session
Publication: September 7, 2017
Results released: early November, 2017

Student projects supported by PSL

Helpful sites to find funding outside of PSL:

1 MOOC to develop and professionalize your organization’s project

designed by Animafac and AVISE
a 6-week online course to help your organization take the next step