Funding for Student Organizations

Supporting PSL students’ commitment to organizations

Nearly 200 cross-institutional student projects have be completed on the PSL campus since 2012! To promote the ideas, initiatives, and commitments of its students, PSL supports student organizations by offering funding through Calls for Student Initiatives (AIE).

Student initiatives at the beginning at the academic yeat 2022-2023

How does it work?

Two sessions are held each year (fall/spring) where you can present your organization’s application

Which projects can be funded?

Cultural, athletic, volunteer and humanitarian projects, efforts to promote scientific applications or a corporate culture are all eligible for Calls for Student Initiatives.
PSL also occasionally launches targeted calls to encourage a specific topic or initiative that the university is interested in.

Université PSL is committed to meeting the challenges of sustainable development in the broadest sense, whether they are societal or environmental.
The University therefore supports "committed" and "sustainable" projects that are in line with one of the 17 sustainable development goals, a classification adopted by the UN in 2015.

The projects may include culture or athletics, open an innovative reflection on society and politics, or an action to disseminate knowledge and promote outreach. Projects may include non-profit initiatives, environmental initiatives, professional integration actions or the promotion of technology transfer in order to tackle current societal issues.
In all cases, the projects must make sense and be related to one or more of the issues of sustainable development. All projects must have a visible and concrete impact on the PSL campus life, promote student movement, and participate in cross-institutional life.

According to the strategic orientations of the Vice-President for Student life, a theme may be given to certain AIE, in order to encourage projects on a particular topic, in which case the topic will be disclosed before the opening of applications.

The jury will therefore pay particular attention to projects whose objectives are in the general interest as well as to initiatives that generate positive spin-offs for PSL University students and the community building in the campus, especially projects that involve PSL students working for a sustainable campus that is open to the world. Actions that bring together PSL campus organizations and/or students (creation of #PSLCampus associations, federations of #PSLCampus associations, etc.) will also be highlighted..

What are the criteria?

All projects must be:

  • supported by a PSL student club or one of the Component Schools;
  • independent of the course of study.

Any project project submitted to AIE funding must meet a majority of these criteria:

  • Give solutions that contribute to meeting one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN;
  • Offer visible results (the duration of implementation should be 6 months maximum);
  • Be open and accessible to the entire PSL community;
  • Show a concrete and measurable impact on the campus and/or student life of several PSL institutions.

The budget must be clear and you must attest to co-financing of up to 40% of the budget (possibility of justified waivers in certain cases). Projects must be carried out during the current academic year and may not extend beyond that year.

No funding will be granted to these projects outside of the calls for student initiatives. Projects must be initiated during the current academic year and may be extended beyond that year.


Be students at PSL
The project must have an impact on at least two PSL institutions
Project led by an organization or a group of organizations with a bank account in the name of the organization

Excluded: trips, galas, paper publications, personal artistic and scientific productions, cocktail parties, research seminars, teaching, vacation or tourism projects, participation in raids or rallies, student parties, touring visits, projects carried out as part of the training program.

Indicative calendar for PSL calls for student initiatives

Fall session
Applications open: mid-October
Closing date for applications: mid-November
Jury: End of November
Announcement of results: first half of December

Spring session
Applications open: mid-March
Applications close: mid-April
Jury: End of April
Announcement of results: first half of May

Student projects supported by PSL

Helpful sites to find funding outside of PSL:

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