Basic and applied science, engineering, social science, the humanities, the arts, and creation: at PSL, world-renowned teams and researchers work together in all areas of inquiry.

Our university provides a unique ecosystem of robust multidisciplinarity, fully seated in the international scientific community through formal research agreements with the world’s top universities and with direct participation by our elite pool of students, 70% of whom are enrolled in Master’s or doctoral programs.
With its world-class schools working hand-in-hand with research institutions, PSL intends to strengthen its standing as a worldwide leader in several fields, fostering formidable scientific innovations through its multidisciplinary approach, and continuing to build on what is already one of the greatest scientific hubs in France, Europe, and even the world.


Excellence laboratories
ERC grants
Hubert Bost, Vice-president de la recherche et de la formation graduée

Promoting a model of research and graduate education programs is very compatible with the international systems and it facilitates the movement of students, research professors, and researchers.

Rémi Carminati, Vice-President for Research and Outreach