Researcher and Entrepreneur

Are you a PSL researcher looking to create a company based on your research? Contact us. We are here to help.

Whether your research position is permanent or contract, and whether your project is just the seed of an idea or about to come to fruition, PSL is here to support you throughout the process of creating your startup.


PSL Support

PSL Valorisation, the technology transfer department of PSL can help you:

The policy of PSL Valorisation is to share risk with project owners and for PSL to be co-founder of the startups it supports, with a minority share in their capital (generally 5-10%). In this context, PSL grants licenses to startups emerging from its labs, with royalties terms that favor their development.

Unusual in France, this model follows international best practice (Oxford, MIT, Stanford). Under this model, startups gain solid financial footing from the outset, while also benefiting from close, trusting relationships with researchers, sharing risk.

If you have an idea for a company or questions about entrepreneurship, you can contact the PSL Valorisation team or the Technology Transfer department at your school or institute.

Researchers, give it a go!

Energy, transportation, medecine… the startups fostered and supported by PSL Valorisation may very well change the world of tomorrow. Give it a go!