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International relations support PSL's education and research policy through targeted partnerships that reflect the richness and multi-disciplinarity of its courses, and focus on access to unique infrastructures, platforms and research and innovation ecosystems that accelerate access to knowledge.
In this way, PSL intends to combine its research and education activities on a global scale.

For over 10 years, PSL University has been asserting its attractiveness and international influence. As a young university, its scientific and innovative strength has enabled it to reach the top 50 of the main international university rankings. Various exchange programs have strengthened active scientific collaborations with international partners around a common set of values. At the same time, the development of an innovation ecosystem based on the exceptional quality of our laboratories and open to the world is actively contributing to the international attractiveness of PSL University.

Jennifer Heurley, nouvelle vice-présidente relations internationales de PSL

Complémentarité et réciprocité scientifiques, accès aux infrastructures de pointes et aux terrains de recherche sont au cœur de notre démarche.

Jennifer Heurley, Vice-présidente relations internationales

PSL in the world

To build its strategy, Université PSL has chosen to rely on well-established partnerships within its component institutions. For each new collaboration, we select partners whose profile and priorities enable us to build a long-term relationship that integrates the education, research and innovation continuum. Complementary scientific activities, such as access to cutting-edge infrastructures and uncharted research fields, are at the heart of these agreements. They now extend worldwide.

New collaborations


  • Université de Montréal: a major partner in Canada. UDM's Faculty of Arts and Sciences has a long-standing collaboration with three PSL component institutions: ENS - PSL, EPHE - PSL and ENC - PSL. The agreement signed in May 2023 consolidates these historic links and adds new resources.
  • Poly Montréal: one of Canada's leading engineering education and research institutions. What it has in common with PSL University is that it places cutting-edge research at the heart of its students' training, to produce responsible engineers who innovate to meet environmental, social and economic needs, in open and ongoing dialogue with the industrial world.

United States

  • New York University (NYU): International partner with which PSL researchers co-publish the most. Mutual relations are based on pre-existing mobility agreements with ENS - PSL, ESPCI Paris - PSL and Dauphine - PSL.  
  • University of Chicago: PSL's strategic partner in the region, the partnership is based on the historical link with the France-Chicago Center and focuses on research collaborations.    


  • University of Tokyo: a major partner of PSL University, with a significant number of co-publications (12th place) and historical links, in particular with Collège de France, ENS - PSL, MINES Paris - PSL. These ties are set to be strengthened following exploratory missions by researchers from ENS - PSL and Institut Curie in 2022.


  • National University of Singapore (NUS) > NOC: Since January 2023, PSL University has hosted the NOC Paris program (NUS Overseas College), an entrepreneurial development program in which NUS students from a variety of backgrounds are immersed in internships with innovative startups, while simultaneously taking entrepreneurship courses at PSL.
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU).ESPCI Paris - PSL and ENS - PSL have set up a joint laboratory at NTU.

Europe, a special place

Université PSL intends to make an active contribution to the European debate, to ensure that our research universities have the resources and autonomy they need to play their full role at the heart of a Europe that needs to be more united than ever, and at the cutting edge of innovation. As a member of the EELISA European University, PSL is part of a global initiative to strengthen intra- and extra-Community mobility and collaboration, which not only minimizes environmental impact, but also reinforces Europe's weight and voice in the global higher education landscape.


The PSL Global Seed Fund: annual call for projects for international partnerships

To encourage the funding and initiation of projects in partnership with international institutions, PSL's International Relations Department is launching a call for projects.Launched for the first time in 2023, the PSL Global Seed Fund is aimed at all PSL professors, lecturers and researchers, to encourage and support their international initiatives.

For information, here is the link to the 2024 call:


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