Dining halls (Resto U)

Located close to or even on our campuses, Paris’s 15 university restaurants and 30 university cafeterias serve a rich diversity of high-quality cuisine at an affordable price:

  • only €3.25 for a full meal (appetizer + main course + dessert)
  • €2 to €3 for a sandwich.

They are open Monday through Friday for lunch, generally from 11:30am to 2pm (restaurants located on campus keep slightly different hours).

Mabillon and Bullier (located in downtown Paris) are also open for meals in the evening from 6:15pm to 8pm, and the Barge du Crous de Paris holds a very popular Sunday brunch!

All student ID cards from universities in Paris and Ile-de-France are equipped with an Izly chip. The Izly chip allows you to pay for your meal -- without even swiping -- at university restaurants and cafeterias.

NB: An Izly app is also available for smartphones: www.izly.fr

Students know best

Students are very good at sharing restaurant recommendations!

  • PARISICI is a Paris-Dauphine student association that shares the best places to eat and go out in Paris.
  • Le club Mich Ulm at ENS shares its favorite spots in the Quartier Latin.

Don't forget to check with your student council!