Dining halls (Resto U)

Located close to or even on our campuses, Paris’s 15 university restaurants and 30 university cafeterias serve a rich diversity of high-quality cuisine at an affordable price:

  • only €3.25 for a full meal (appetizer + main course + dessert)
  • €2 to €3 for a sandwich.

They are open Monday through Friday for lunch, generally from 11:30am to 2pm (restaurants located on campus keep slightly different hours).

Mabillon and Bullier (located in downtown Paris) are also open for meals in the evening from 6:15pm to 8pm, and the Barge du Crous de Paris holds a very popular Sunday brunch!

All student ID cards from universities in Paris and Ile-de-France are equipped with an Izly chip. The Izly chip allows you to pay for your meal -- without even swiping -- at university restaurants and cafeterias.

The Izly card

If you have a student card with an Izly chip, you can pay - contactless - for your meals in university restaurants and CROUS cafeterias. You can also use photocopiers, laundromats, and you can place food orders on the CROUS website.
In addition, the Izly mobile app on smartphones enables you to generate a QR code at the time of payment, which you must pass in front of the cashier's reader in the university restaurant.
In some university restaurants, it is possible to pay in cash and by credit card.