Doctoral studies and Postdoctoral Fellowships

PSL is proud to offer its doctoral candidates and young researchers a broad array of opportunities for exploring the key challenges facing today’s society. From experimental, theoretical, and incremental research to research into entrepreneurship, the fields of application reach into all areas of science, the arts, engineering, and the humanities and social science.

E-resources, state-of-the-art equipment, libraries, and even in-house museums provide the material support necessary for advancing individual and collective projects. As such, PSL provides the space and technologies scholars need. This, along with the highly collaborative “let’s work together” principle that drives our 10 Labex, 6 IRIS, 70 libraries, and 200 ERCs, paves the way forward for your research goals.


PSL’s researchers

Sociology and economics of the family, ocean exploration, the fight against cancer, sociology of the creative professions... PSL’s researchers are working on the great challenges facing today’s society, making headway in areas such as intelligibility and developing techniques and treatments that are changing our understanding of the world, while working to develop the means for discovery, knowledge, creation and action.


Celine Bessiere Université Paris-Dauphine chercheuse
Céline Bessière
Professor of sociology, Dauphine - PSL
Eric Karsenti directeur de recherche CNRS
Eric Karsenti
Emeritus Research Director, CNRS
Genevieve Almouzni Institut Curie
Geneviève Almouzni
Directrice du Centre de recherche de l’Institut Curie
PM. Menger
Pierre-Michel Menger
Professor at Collège de France