The Graduate Program in Management offers a comprehensive curriculum of advanced study and research, from the Master's to the Doctorate degree, in management science for business and organizations. Through its association with the DRM and CGS research laboratories and major PSL research programs such as Governance Analytics, the graduate program offers a Master’s degree in which research plays a central role. Students may also choose elective courses designed to improve their transdisciplinary skills and broaden their curriculum.

Key figures

Researchers and professors
Students in Master's programs
PhD students


Strategy and dynamics of organized action

Marketing, value creation and consumer issues

Control, management technology, social and environmental responsibility

Human resources, diversity and well-being

Innovation, design science and entrepreneurship

New industrial and logistics systems

Organization theory, new businesses and responsibility

A five-year track from Master’s to PhD

Upon entering the Master’s degree program, each student will define their scientific project with the graduate program's faculty and researchers. Students will have an academic advisor and will be heavily involved in research throughout the program.


Diplôme d'Université Research in Management

Choose your Master’s degree and define your academic path

The graduate program offers the following Master’s degrees:


Enhance and customize your academic path: elective courses

Complementary university-wide courses

Graduate program students at both the Master’s and PhD level have access to university-wide trainings in core competencies, both introductory and advanced, designed to supplement their academic study.
Those complementary university-wide courses, available in all of PSL’s component schools, are eligible for ECTS credit.


Career development & soft skills
Scientific culture
Languages (foreign languages, rare languages)

Data Science Program

Career opportunities

Trained in and through research, PSL alumni find numerous employment opportunities in the public, private and entrepreneurial sectors as well as in the academic world.

graphe débouchés programme gradué management psl

Pursue a PhD

Doctoral research is conducted in a PSL laboratory. Training is conducted in a doctoral school.

Graduate program doctoral school

Graduate program laboratories

The Research in Management 2-year program is a postgraduate qualification for academically talented students seeking to develop their knowledge and ability to undertake rigorous and original research in management (Marketing, Organization Theories, Accounting/Control, Strategy, Human Resources, Information Systems). It is a perfect preparation for a PhD or at least a starting point to undertake research at a public or private institute. From the first year, students are acculturated to the challenges of research in management, being part of tutored research projects.

Skills acquired:

  • Train a new generation of researchers and specialists armed to contribute to the renewal of analysis in management
  • Develop a deep understanding of existing research in the field
  • Build a critical understanding of contemporary issues for management and develop an ability to pursue original research in a reflexive and scholarly way
  • Study and practice basic principles of research design that will include the formulation of research problems and the evaluation of alternative approaches to research
  • Develop a professional pathway based on management research
  • Respond to new societal challenges, through the production of scientific knowledge


Prerequisites (M1)

  • An excellent degree equivalent or superior to a French license (bachelor) from a reputable university
  • Students without a management degree are accepted, provided they can justify their interest in management research.
  • Fluency in English (TOEFL is recommended for non-English native speakers)

Selection process

  1. Online application ;
  2. Eligibility decision for interviews, based on the application material ;
  3. Interview with eligible candidates, then admission decision.


Applications will only be made on the MyCandidature online platform.
Applicants are asked to explain in a motivation letter their interest in research in management.


Administrative matters: Anne-Charlotte Filipovitch (Dauphine - PSL)
1st year administrative matters : Dina Rasolofoarison et Céline Baud (Dauphine - PSL)
2nd year dministrative matters: Véronique Perret (Dauphine - PSL)

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