Elective Course: Employability and Soft Skills

Whatever your desired occupation, whether in the public or private sector, this course provides the necessary tools to gain a better understanding of the job market and to develop both soft skills and project management skills.

Learning outcomes

This cross-disciplinary course is aimed at all PSL students enrolled on a Master’s or PhD program.
The course is organized around teaching modules delivered in short, half-day formats (2-hour sessions), or even over 2-3 days in some cases, and in evening slots. Some of the modules spread over several days take place during weeks outside of PSL’s official term time.
Students can pick and choose these modules according to the skills they wish to acquire.

Getting to know yourself:

- Carry out a self-diagnosis: work personality, knowledge of your career interests and priorities
- Develop skills in the workplace: oral fluency, transfer of knowledge, dealing with emotions, dealing with stress
- Develop creativity through artistic and creative activities
- Develop and practice self-confidence
- Acquire communication skills and master public speaking

Preparing your career plan and integration into employment:

- Carry out an assessment of your skills, abilities and competences
- Build a career plan by defining your core target market and identifying your professional priorities
- Receive individualized help in putting together application files (CV and cover letter)
- Prepare for job interviews
- Develop job-hunting strategies

Manage a project and acquire skills specific to the project development process

- Define a project and its management
- Learn the methods for designing a project (needs analysis, SWOT analysis, etc.)
- Organize and develop project governance methods
- Oversee and manage a project
- Develop a reverse schedule, finalization and return of the project: written and oral techniques for planning and presenting

Students are supervised by a mentor who will help them build their career plan.


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