PSL: A unique academic partner

Situated in the heart of Paris, Europe’s capital of innovation, and built on a strong foundation of excellence and multidisciplinarity with expertise in solving the complex problems of today as one of the largest hubs for the humanities and social science, PSL educates the world-class talent that will form your teams and partners of tomorrow.

We are your gateway to creating the high-level partnerships in research, education, innovation and recruiting that you require today and in the future.


Our partnerships team
Support to companies by introducing PSL and presenting prime opportunities for strategic investments and support.
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Become a partner or sponsor
Collaborative research, continuing education, internships, CIFRE dissertations, industrial chairs -- our corporate partnerships take many forms.
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Sponsor an endowed chair
Product of a partnership between a research institution and a company, Industrial Chairs are an embodiment of robust relationships between the socio-economic world and scientific research.
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Support entrepreneurship
Guided by its unique and proven policy for entrepreneurship support, PSL assists its students and researchers throughout all stages of creating a new company.
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Pay your apprenticeship tax
Excellent opportunity for companies to pay their apprenticeship tax in support of premium technological and professional training programs.
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Train your employees
Degree-track programs, courses leading to qualifications, short-term training programs, seminars... PSL provides professionals and organizations opportunities for world-class education throughout one’s lifetime.
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PSL’s education program
Academic tracks that provide highly sought-after specialized expertise and the exposure to interdisciplinarity that comes from the collaborative relationships between our schools and institutes.
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Major PSL research programs
PSL supports scientific innovation in all areas of science, the arts, engineering and social science, fostering the emergence of new fields of research at the cutting edge of solutions to address the major challenges of the future.
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Our technological leadership
Health, the digital world, biotech, cognition, AI... Home to laboratories of excellence in multiple areas of strategic importance, PSL serves as a key link between research labs and the business world.
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Enterprise & innovation PSL People
Student entrepreneurship, IP support services and technology transfer, corporate more about what we do.
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