See, Explore, Go Out

For leisure or culture, Paris is bursting with opportunities, and there are a number of ways to take advantage of special deals and rates.

PSL’s Cultural Offerings

Within PSL itself, enjoy student exhibits and events in our coworking spaces, the art schools’ intercultural week, the 300 concerts offered by PSL’s Conservatoire national supérieur de Musique et de Danse and its orchestra & choir, public presentations by CNSAD, and some 100 screenings of short films, fiction, and documentaries by La Fémis each year to experience the work of tomorrow’s top talents.

The PSL community’s year is also marked by a number of special events, lectures, and highlights such as PSL Student Union’s annual Garden Party, UNESCO Night of Philosophy, the "Make Europe Great Again” E.Day in which Dauphine students invite decision-makers, politicians, and intellectuals to a debate, and the Semaine de la Pensée (Thinking Week), not to mention joining PSL’s running team for a 20k through Paris, attending Welcome Desk evenings and film clubs (ACD Cinéma Dauphine, Filmer le champ social, etc.), and participating in weekend excursions organized by Dauphine Evasion to explore Europe’s capitals.

To stay in touch with what’s happening on campus, see the PSL calendar, subscribe to the Welcome Desk newsletter, check the sports agenda, and read news updates from PSL Student Union, which covers all PSL student organizations.

Being a student in Paris means...

206 museums, 1016 art galleries, 130 theaters producing more than 300 shows a week, 88 movie theaters (including 38 dedicated to art and experimental film), 830 libraries, nearly 1,000 bookstores, more than 60 concert halls, festivals, 39 swimming pools, and more.

A few suggestions to find out more about concerts, deals, and places to go out in Paris:

Don’t forget all the ways to get discounted rates or even free tickets to some events: Kiosque Jeunes, Pass Jeunes, Places Jeunes au Théâtre (more information)... and that all national museums are free the first Sunday of each month.


Highlights from the PSL calendar: