Student entrepreneurship

PSL students and young alumni, do you have an idea? The desire to be an entrepreneur? We support you!

PSL-Pépite supports you for entering regional and national competitions for awards such as the PEPITE-Tremplin Prize for Student Entrepreneurship.

To receive these benefits:

  1. Apply for student entrepreneur status
  2. Present your project and your team to the PSL-Pépite Selection Committee (faculty, entrepreneurs, business mentors and partners). The next interviews for pre-selected candidates will take place on June, 4th, 2018.

Our Student Entrepreneurship team supports you

PSL-Pépite is dedicated to all students and young PSL alumni that are looking to work on a project to create a company. It aims to give students the skills, services and support that they need to realize their project.

The PSL-Lab coworking space provides young entrepreneurs with opportunities for exchange and project collaboration with other students from different PSL institutions. Students have access to many resources and tools which will bring success to their project.

Student entrepreneurs tell us about their experience !