PSL-Starter: Six months to kick-start your project

The Schoolab and Pépite France have created this special semester-long program to support student-entrepreneurs working full-time on their projects.
Each week, the program addresses a different topic of great relevance such as marketing, business plans, communications etc. using the same format: theoretical workshops on Mondays and practical exercises on Thursdays, including a meeting with a professional from the relevant field.

Once a month, participants meet with the leader of PSL-Lab for a check-up meeting.
Two special events round out the six-month program:

  • The Entrepreneur Marathon: Students attend workshops and study halls for three days, and present their projects to a panel of professionals. The goal is to boost their activities right from the start, with 20 business professionals providing support throughout the event.
  • Demo Day: A special event is held halfway through the PSL-Starter program to present projects to a panel of professionals and potential clients.

The PSL-Starter program is a combination of hard work and camaraderie. Participants meet once a week for lunch and a special activity (trivia, puzzles, etc.).