Acting and Directing

Jouer et mettre en scène
Program type Initial Training
Degree Master's
Graduate program(s) Arts
Domain(s) Arts
Discipline(s) Drama
Teaching language(s) French
Place Paris

PSL host school


The dual degree program in “Acting and Directing” at CNSAD – Paris Sciences & Lettres was created to allow a limited number of acting students pursuing undergraduate studies at the Conservatoire to expand their knowledge into directing and writing. Student actors and directors take a specific two-year course of study with some time devoted to their training as actors and other spent on issues related to directing, including specific classes, internships, artistic and technical collaborations, trips abroad, etc.
The curriculum is affiliated with PSL’s graduate program in Arts.

Learning outcomes

  • The structural intersection between undergraduate and graduate education indicates the Conservatoire’s desire to offer training in directing based on the program on which its history and current identity are built: the acting program. On the basis of their curriculum as student actors, students in directing take supplementary coursework designed to give them a broader perspective on theater. These classes, which take a wide variety of formats, complement those strictly related to a career in acting.
  • They include courses on directing actors of other generations as well as non-professionals (amateurs, children, prisoners, people with disabilities, etc.).
  • Understand and support policies for a place and how it relates to the public.
  • Delve into the technical issues
  • Address safety issues.
  • Be able to put together a theatrical form in very little time and with limited resources.
  • Be able to organize in-depth research on a topic or writer over a long time frame.

Skills developed

Technical skills; awareness of personal safety; relationships between directors and actors; openness to audiences and the world; critical thinking; writing ability; relationship with the other arts; ability to design and administratively put together a project, etc.


  • 1st year

The 1st year of “Acting and Directing” and the 3rd year of the curriculum for actors occur in parallel. Coursework is given in a variety of formats (weekly classes, regular meetings or seminars, practical internships, workshops, etc.) to reflect professional realities as closely as possible. Most of it is scheduled in the morning to allow students to rehearse for the shows in which they are acting as part of their 3rd year of studies.

  • 2nd year

Each student has a unique 2nd year that must include one or more internships and an international experience. The 2nd year of studies, which students take alongside their professional work, is designed to help them improve their knowledge and practices through immersions in a professional environment (creative entities, theaters, or companies) or a partner school (institutes of higher education in theater) in France or internationally, as well as writing and defending a research thesis and creating a final project.

Program partners

La Comédie Française, Les Ilets-CDN de Montluçon, La Commune-CDN d’Aubervilliers, CDN de Besançon, Mamoudzou Nord High School in (Mayotte), ARIA, Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle (Brussels), Akademie August Everding (Münich), Akademia Teatralna (Warsaw), Grupo XIX (Sao-Paulo), Timbre 4 (Buenos Aires), IMEC, JTN.


Actors in every medium (theater, cinema, television), directors, assistant directors, instructors and trainers.

Degree delivered

Graduate level institutional degree titled “Acting and Directing,” issued by Université PSL and prepared at the Conservatoire.

Teaching location

CNSAD - PSL: 2 bis Rue du Conservatoire, 75009 Paris


Applicants must have passed the Conservatoire’s competitive entrance exam and completed the first two years of the acting program.

Selection process

Applications are reviewed at the end of the 2nd year of the acting program by a jury chaired by the director of the school and made up of the director of studies, the head of the “Acting and Directing” program, the technical director, and two qualified VIPs from outside the Conservatoire.


Head of the Master's program: Nicolas Fleury

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