MSCA Conference speakers - Alexandra Dubini

Alexandra Dubini is a distinguished researcher in molecular biology at the University of Córdoba, UCO, Spain.

Alexandra Dubini completed her PhD at the University of East Anglia, UK and then worked 10 years as a permanent scientific researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, USA. During her career she benefited from 2 MSCA-COFUND actions, in France and in Spain, which allowed her to return to Europe to continue her investigation. She joined the UCO in 2015, where she is currently the Principal Investigator of Spanish project “MULTIVALGA” and European project “WABA” that uses consortia of algae bacteria for bioremediation of wastewater and biomass valorization. She also specialized in the production of biofuels and more specifically hydrogen from green algae. Her research combines fundamental research and biotechnological applications. Through her work, she is developing new sustainable energy solutions using microalgae as renewable alternatives. Since 2019, she is part of 2 groups of experts from the European Commission related to Energy and climate, as well as the Environment, circular economy and resource efficiency. In 2022, she was elected Vice-chair of the Marie Curie Association (MCAA). Finally, Alexandra Dubini is an advocate for the ecologic transition but also for women in science. In 2018, she participated in Homeward Bound, the largest-ever all-women expedition to Antarctica to promote women's leadership in climate action. She is concerned to empower women in leadership position in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine) to bridge the gender gap and help diversify roles and initiatives in terms of climate change actions.

She will take part in the 2022 MSCA conference, in the fourth workshop on the Green charter in research projects.